Services - Documark

Desktop Publishing Services
Desktop Publishing Services raise the bar with visual communication and often compliment our editing services. These services include three main divisions:

Typographic Compositions

Conveys your message using effective design principles of type (text) such as alignment, typeface choice, style, size, grouping, and spatial relationships.

This service is most often used to create corporate brochures, fliers, pamphlets, and catalogs.

Creative Compositions

Accentuates your message using colors, lines, masses, shapes, textures, and values that really "speak" to your targeted audience.

This service is most often used to create official marketing material.

Logical Compositions

Verifies data integrity within your document using electronic forms (eForms) with logical elements. For example, digital signatures, document encryption, user validation, and field calculations are methods of verifying data integrity.

This service is most often used with buyer/seller agreements or contractual forms where data integrity is important.

Multiple Media Services
Multiple Media Services compliment all other services and are often used in connection with them. For example, with several digital solutions for the educational sector involving page layout and graphic design, we included the ability for students to insert and review their own notes, highlight important text, search for specific information, and interact with multiple media resources.

Multiple Media Services include:
* Video editing;
* Image editing; and
* Audio recording and reproduction.
Copy Editing Services
Copy Editing Services raise the bar with written communication. These services include three main divisions:


Involves correcting faulty spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

This service is most often used to detect faults, to flag problems, or to spot where copy (text) is missing.


Is more comprehensive and includes general editing plus styling, formatting, and providing multiple revisions.

This service is most often used to improve the flow of ideas; to suggest recasts; or to enforce a uniform level, tone, and focus.


Is most comprehensive and includes content editing plus fact checking, indexing, etc.

This service is most often used with technical documentation (such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)) requiring research into the subject matter or consulting a subject matter expert.

Graphic Design Services
Graphic Design Services ensure your message is conveyed correctly using your distribution medium of choice. These services include two main divisions:

Internet Distribution

Conveys your message instantly to a select audience over a variety of media types, requiring technical knowledge of security and Internet standards.

This service is used most often to distribute your message across the Internet to only certain viewers using embedded security.

Professional Printing Distribution

Presents your message on a physical, tangible page and requires knowledge specific to the print industry. Some complexities in this industry include appropriate image resolutions, color separations, transparency levels, font choices, and trapping.

This service is most often used at trade shows or conferences and for promotional material or mailings.