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27 October 2016

Enjoy a Humorous Example Showing Why Proofreading Matters.

Proofreading is a important step in many parts of buisness, from technickal writing, to marketing, and much, much more. Proofreading helps you clean up typos, and it help’s make your written materials more clear so that you’re audience can undestand what your trying to tell them and wha tthey need to know, and it is a neccessary step if you want to avoid making comon writing mistakes like run-on sentences. sentence fragments, or bad speeling. All of these types of errors make yoru work look very amature and nonprofessional.

nobody wants to look nonprofesional.

But often it seems like proofreading is teh step that everbody rushes threw.. How many times yhave you gone to a website and noticed typose popping up repetaedly on every article? I seeing it more and more everyday. Sure, mabye a few mistkaes are fine if your writing a novel – you can hardly expect to clean up ever mistake in a text thats hundreds of thousands of of words long – but in an artcle with less than four hundred words? the less words there are, the more evry mistake stands otu toteh readers. No matter how good you’re article is, or how important teh subject. if its full of typos your aduiance will jsut not take you serously.

And weave all come acrost the technical or instruction manuel wiht very portly written instructions. You scraftch you’re head wondering just what the writer means by “Insert the big, flappy bit into the tertiary tabular slot. Or a manual suposed to be red by a average person is full of technical jargon only a engeneer could understan. And those complicated, confuseing graphics mean to show you what it meens arenot even on teh same page!

Its the sort of hting that makes you want to pull every the hare out of your head, isn’t it? So, why do htese we see soo many of these mistakes in published documents? well, sometimes businessse arejust in such a hury to get their product out their that they ignore proofreding in facor of speed. This sort of attitdue mite seem good for business in the shrot-run, but it will lead to headaches down the road. You’re customers will look at your prodcuts sand say to themselves, “This guy cant even spell ‘products’ correctly, so why should I buy from him?” Or they’ll be so flustrated buy your confusing instructions that they’ll never use your products and subsaquentlnly never buy them agin.

So don’t skip teh proofreading stage! It can mean the difference bweteen loyal customers and one-time buys who will never come back.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a topic that’s close to my heart… Cheers!

    Where are your contact details though?

  2. Documark says:

    Indeed. Some are loosing sight of the value of being able to communicate their thoughts and intents. Oh, the irony.

    Contact information is located at .

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