Technical Documentation Research Assistant - Documark

As an employee of a large firm, I worked as a support representative with cutting edge technology. Because technology was developing at such a rapid pace, each new device was rushed through the system with little to no documentation. Both design engineers and support representatives were left wondering how they would communicate this new technology to our clients. For proper customers service, I realized it was imperative that we understood as much as possible about the products we were supporting. Consequently, I spent many personal hours searching for information to support our clients.

As word about my personal efforts began traveling to different groups, I was often asked to provide the missing documentation or to correct erroneous information. My teammates began asking if they might have copies of my work. As a result of my work, our team's support representatives increased their productivity by 30% within the areas of my research. From this experience, I have learned the importance of clear communication and proper documentation.

Prior to working as a support representative, I worked with graphics and technology for Edge Construction Supply. Some of my responsibilities included selecting artwork for high-quality, press-ready material, insuring compliance with regulations and industry standards. I was able to collaborate with managers, structural engineers, and the chief executive officer to help convey complex topics and illustrate concepts found within our graphical works.

Prior to this, I worked as a manager for Pollard Printing Group and a director of operations for KiwE Publishing. These two experiences allowed me to work closely with employees, authors, and clients as I oversaw internal operations. I was also able to design interactive, digital forms for multichannel publishing. I learned the unique requirements found in the commercial printing industry and how we can achieve the client's end goals within these requirements.

Prior to working in the professional printing and publishing industries, I worked as a web page programmer and became familiar with Internet standards and requirements found within this industry.

Documark now has several people on our team working together to help you
  1. Save time and money by leveraging the experience gained working in the printing and Web industries;
  2. Satisfy your customers' needs by targeting content to that specific audience;
  3. Improve your performance by distilling complex concepts into clear and understandable components;
  4. Address your customer’s questions quickly, providing them with greater satisfaction and earning their loyalty; and
  5. Communicate your ideas at the next level.

What Clients Say

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Longhurst in a very active and challenging environment. He is a creative, dependable, organized, team player who has a very strong work and customer service ethic. I would recommend Mr. Longhurst for any creative technical field.

    Matt O'Leary, F5 Networks, Inc.

  • It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation. I have worked with Mr. Longhurst on various projects for almost ten years. During this period, he would look for solutions that would not only benefit, but also be cost-effective for our company. For example, he worked with our internal team to develop a 700-page catalog, with the majority of page layouts and templates built by him with his self-initiated research. Mr. Longhurst is a person of high moral character, always exhibiting honesty and loyalty on the job. He has excellent communication skills and is a team player.

    Nancy Othmer, Edge Construction Supply, Inc.

  • For fourteen years, I have known and worked with Mr. Longhurst in a variety of capacities. Using his experience, he has amazed me with his ability to, within a few hours, write technical guides to support my staff with their various needs. He is definitely a leader because of his innovative and forward thinking skills. He is one of the hardest working, productive, and honorable persons I have ever had the honor of working with. He knows how to go the extra mile in carrying a job through to completion. I have the highest level of respect for him because of his integrity.

    Paul Alder, Alder Family Chiropractic, P.S.